• <span class="yellow">FRONT</span>STANDS
    cavalletti moto anteriori
  • <span class="yellow">REAR</span>STANDS
    cavalletti moto posteriori
  • <span class="yellow">CENTRAL</span>STANDS
    cavalletti moto centrali
  • <span class="yellow small">cross, enduro, trial, motard</span>STANDS
    cross, enduro, trial, motardSTANDS
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  • ACCESSORIES<span class="yellow small">Motorcycle stands</span>
    ACCESSORIESMotorcycle stands
    accessori moto bastef
vendita FRONT STANDS moto: Prezzi e offerte su Bastef
vendita REAR STANDS moto: Prezzi e offerte su bastef
vendita CENTRAL STANDS: prezzi e offerte su Bastef
vendita OFFROAD STANDS: prezzi e offerte su Bastef
vendita ACCESSORIES: prezzi e offerte su Bastef
bastef cavalletti moto


The creation of cisterns by his father Vitaliano in 1977 gave birth to what is now Bastef .
We are a company that, thanks to the experience of the father, the determination of the son Stefano and the administration of the daughter Elena, has developed its business responding to the needs of the market.

We have always been involved in sheet metal working, starting from the drawing, arriving at the finished piece, passing through molding and welding: carpentry is our beating heart.

Our flagship is the fiber laser for sheet metal, thanks to which we are able to perform any type of cut on sheets up to 10 mm thick.

The tube bender is our ace in the hole: according to your needs, we fold it.

The course of events also led us to work, for several years, with renowned brands of the cycling environment, for which we dedicated ourselves to the production of bicycle racks.
The accumulated experience and intuition have made us specialize in the creation of stands, giving life to our section dedicated to motorcycle lifting stands .

From design to welding, we create each piece by hand , thus giving life to your stand, perfect for your bike .
Thanks to our punctual piece-by-piece control, we optimize time and resources, guaranteeing products with proven quality.

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We take the utmost care with every stage of production: every stand is built and welded manually, creating a unique product every time.

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